The Masqueraders

The Masqueraders

The Masqueraders

Protein powder supplements can be expensive, so it is important to choose a protein powder that not only works effectively but tastes great as well. You are less likely to use the protein if it tastes bad. Protein powders come in two types. Traditional “pure protein” powders contain little to no added sugars while the weight gainers and meal-replacement powders contain a higher ratio of carbohydrates to proteins. While personal taste preference plays a large role in determining a “best” tasting protein powder, several products consistently rate high on taste.

While Myoplex is classified as a meal replacement, CytoSport’s Cyto Gainer would fall under the weight gainer category. Users of rate CytoGainer highly with an overall score of 8.6 out of 10. Like Myoplex, Cyto Gainer uses a combination of carbohydrates and proteins to create its flavor profile. Cyto Gainer comes in a variety of flavors; however, the chocolate flavor is the most favorably reviewed. A 75 g serving of Cyto Gainer contains a total of 280 calories per serving with 37 g of carbohydrates and 27 g of protein.

While Myoplex and Cyto Gainer contain a large amount of carbohydrates, the NOW Food’s Whey Protein Isolate contains a larger amount of protein and a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Joel Tietge’s on rated Now’s Isolate as one of his favorite protein powder products. A single 64 g serving of Whey Protein Isolate provides 240 calories and contains 7 g of carbohydrates and 50 g of protein.

Foods that Prevent Weight Loss

These are some common foods that prevent weight loss. Jamba Juice Smoothies: Sure, you’re slurping some fruit, but you’re also slurping the equivalent of about 15 teaspoons of sugar. “Smoothies are dangerous because they often have things mixed in, like syrups or frozen yogurt, that just add more sugar,” says Shapiro, who isn’t a big fan of smoothies and suggests just eating fresh fruit instead; biting into a crunchy apple is far more satisfying than slurping down blueberry puree. “If you have to get one, stick with a small, or make your own and instead of yogurt or sweetener, add some fat in the form of nuts or nut butter.” The fat will help your body absorb the nutrients from the fruit and will fill you up a little more (no point spending $7 on a smoothie if you’re just going to be starving two hours later).

McDonald’s Oatmeal: First of all, oatmeal is a carb, and carbs get converted to glucose in the bloodstream, just like sugar. “By pairing oatmeal with dried fruit and maple syrup,” says Shapiro, “you’re just adding sugar, not balancing it with any protein or fat. Top it with fresh fruit, which has less sugar, and add a tablespoon of nuts, which have fat that will help keep you full for longer.”

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