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Spice Up Your Snack Time With These Healthy Snack Options

Spice Up Your Snack Time With These Healthy Snack Options

Snacking, or eating small servings of food in between meals, is now considered a favorite hobby among many Americans. In fact, snacking has become part of the American lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to replenish one’s energy and satisfy a hungry stomach, and a perfect time as well to eat food items that are normally served and eaten during regular meals. But the same source of culinary satisfaction is now a serious health concern. According to the Food Surveys Research Group or the FSRG, snack time is no longer healthy among the general public. In a study conducted by the agency, it was found out that the snacking habits are now associated with decreased intake of nutrients, and higher intake of calories. Snacking can be fun and satisfying without having to load up on calories.  When snacks are planned and properly prepared, snacking can become the right solution to gain the nutrients your body needs to become physically active and alert throughout the day.

Choose Snacks that Help Burn Fat

Instead of snacking to load up on calories and fats, you should use snacking as an opportunity to lose some weight. It may sound like a long shot, but there are snack items you can include in your daily planner that can help burn fat. One perfect combination for a mid-day snack is skim milk and apple. Any type of fruit is a wonderful snack item, including oranges and mango. But to make the fruit more satisfying, you need to partner it with a protein source, like milk. Protein will help provide you with energy that can sustain you for at least two hours. Canned flaked tuna on top of whole-wheat crackers is a creative approach to fill an empty stomach and not worry about the extra fats. Look for tuna that’s packed in water, not in oil to heighten its nutritional levels. Tuna, just like salmon, is rich in protein and omega-3s. Or if you don’t want whole-wheat crackers, you can replace it with whole-wheat bread for a more satisfying snacking experience.

Make Sure to Offer Variety in the Table

When it comes to preparing snacks for family members, it’s also best to offer a variety so kids will eat and have fun. A number of healthy and new recipes are available online, including the traditional zapiekanka. Made from baguette, mushroom and cheese, this bread-based snack item is definitely a hit in many households. Baked goodies can be introduced in the table, and you can increase the nutritional value by carefully choosing the ingredients. Look for baking ingredients with tested health benefits, like apple cider vinegar,which is now popularly used in a number of baked goods like gluten-free muffins.

Snack time can become healthy, provided you pay attention to the food that you eat. Instead of loading up on chips and cakes loaded with too much fat and calories, why not consider healthy snacking options like fruits, canned tuna and healthy baked goodies.

Spice Up Your Snack Time With These Healthy Snack Options Credit Picture License: Crunch, Munch via photopin cc