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On Superfoods and How it Can Help Your Health

On Superfoods and How it Can Help Your Health

Miracle powders, grains and fruit juices are now sweeping the food industry, and people are taking notice. And who wouldn’t pay attention to these grains and miracle powders? These are advertised as foods that are loaded with nutrients that the body needs. Welcome to the world of super-foods, or those prized foods and supplements that are considered packed with enzymes, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and other elements essential to good health. According to various researches, super-foods are generally helpful in maintaining one’s health. Different super-foods will have different effects and health benefits including but not limited to preventing certain cancers, diabetes and dementia. According to the American Heart Association, certain super-foods can even help promote better heart health. There’s no denying the health benefits of super-foods, but before you  shop for these, you should know your options and the benefits that your body will derive from these.

Grains and Seeds Like Teff and Pumpkin Seeds

Grains are starting to get the attention they deserve thanks to the benefits associated with consuming quinoa and teff. Just like quinoa, teff is gluten-free, and a great source of copper, zinc, calcium and Vitamin K. More importantly, this grain is a superb source of different amino acids required in the production of protein. Use these grains in different dishes, or use these as a substitute to breakfast cereals. Pumpkin seeds are some of the best sources of magnesium that can help promote nerve function.

Discover Spirulina as a Healthy Supplement

Most lists about super-foods don’t include Spirulina in their compilation, but in time, this green algae will definitely join the proud list. Spirulina can be consumed as a whole food, and also available as a supplement. As a supplement, you can get this on the market in tablet or powder form. Whatever the form, Spirulina can provide you with complete protein, and its protein content is known to be superior to that found in legumes.

Bok Choy and Shitake Mushrooms

The list of acknowledged super-foods also include a few vegetables, including bok choy and shitake mushrooms. Bok choy is traditionally used in Chinese cooking, and an excellent source of folate, fiber and calcium. When cooked and prepared the right way, the crunchiness of bok choy can add depth to your dishes. When it comes to mushrooms, shitake is the leader. Shitake mushrooms are rich sources of Vitamin D2, and also contains lentinan that can help slow down the growth of tumor.

Other Kitchen Regulars Packed with Health Benefits

Although these are the most common foods listed in a super-food listing, it isn’t recommended that you simply ignore the other vegetables and ingredients in the kitchen. Take apple cider vinegar, according to experts, this white vinegar can cure hiccups, sore throat and even lower your blood pressure. And according to health practitioners, it can also work against dandruff and dry scalp. Other popular kitchen items that are consistently included in the super-foods lists are tomatoes, kale, berries, salmon and red wine. Red wine works, provided that it is taken in moderation.

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