Strategies and Cleaning Supplies to Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean

Strategies and Cleaning Supplies to Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean

Maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling house is not just for aesthetic reasons, so you have something to show off to your friends, it’s now a requirement for good mental, physical and emotional health. Although it may sound like an impossible proposition, there are a number of studies released that explains the relationship between good health and a clean house. According to one study by the Indiana University, Department of Physical Activity, it noted the positive correlation between healthy people and a clean house. The study further explained that those who live in a clean house is healthier and more physically active compared to their counterparts who live in a poorly-maintained home. With this research in mind, it pays to come up with a plan on how to clean and maintain the cleanliness of your home, today.

Classic Cleaning Supplies for your Home

A clean house starts with the choice of classic cleaning materials you can use on a regular basis. You don’t need to spend a premium just to keep your house clean; there are classic and even all-natural cleaners that you can use. These are old-school natural cleaners, and there’s a big chance that you have these in the pantry. For starters, you can collect fresh lemons and essential oils. Sprinkle salt on fresh lemons, and rub this on any metal for thorough cleaning. When cleaning windows and glass, you can count on a mixture of water and essential oils. Essential oils in water will not just clean the windows, it will also leave a refreshing smell.

Use Carpet Cleaners and Vacuums

If you have carpets and own pets, then you will need the services of carpet cleaners and vacuums. There are options available when you want the services of carpet cleaners- you can buy one, hire a professional cleaning service or rent. If you own pets and the floor are dominated by carpeting, you may want to invest in a high quality carpet and vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum that’s fitted with a bag is often a good choice for a large household, and for those who need to work in tight corners and spaces.

Stock Up on Paper Towels, Garbage Bags and Other Supplies

Make sure to stock up on cleaning supplies like paper towels and garbage bags. Choose paper towels that are rated well on wet strength, absorbency and scrubbing capabilities. Paper towels are helpful when cleaning up your mess in the dining table and the kitchen. Don’t forget to add garbage bags to your shopping list.

And to ensure a productive cleaning experience, make sure you are ready and you look the part. Choose cleaning clothes that are comfortable, like leggings or shorts to allow movement. Although leggings are known as fashionable items, there are comfortable leggings that can be used at home and when cleaning the house.

In short, it pays to take action, clean the house and maintain its cleanliness.  It may come at an extra work or cost, but it’s the one investment that you would like to consider not just for your home but for the family.

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