Is Tanning Really Bad For Your Skin?

A lot of people have heard that tanning is really bad for your skin but are their claims backed by scientific evidence? A lot of us want to get a little bit of color, feeling that it’s attractive, and believe it makes you look healthier, especially during the warmer months; and tan lovers typically don’t have time to sunbathe every day. Indoor tanning salons have created a lucrative industry, popping up in strip malls and spas, but unfortunately tanning is shrouded with worries like the belief that tanning beds can lead to melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer. What is to be believed though?

SunbedWell the first thing is to understand tanning won’t immediately give you cancer. Some of the claims are blown way out of proportion and indoor tanning isn’t as dangerous as some would lead you to believe. That said there is a strong amount of evidence showing that indoor tanning, over time, can increase the chance of having skin cancer. There are just too many links between ultraviolet exposure and increased risk. Since 2006 there has been a huge increase in studies trying to learn the effects of tanning indoors, and many of them have come back with conclusive evidence showing that melanoma risks increase with tanning.

Another factor to consider is that tanning outside also increases the chances of developing other cancers. While the risk isn’t increased as substantially, depending on the amount of UV rays of course, it is still increasing your chance of getting cancer. It is so important to use the right kind of sunscreen; at least 45SPF.

There is also a huge push saying that vitamin D is important and that sunshine is the only way to get it. This has been proven wrong however because you can get vitamin D from a wide range of sources and there are even supplements. Bottom line, getting vitamin D from the sun is not as important as many people believe, and you likely have plenty of vitamin D in your system right now.

Ultimately, tanning is really bad for your skin. While having nice, even tan might look nice, it will increase your risk of cancer and eventually make you look older because it also causes wrinkled, dry skin. Your skin is an incredibly important organ with some incredible properties – tan responsibly and make sure to use sunscreen and protect yourself. It is possible to have a great tan and not drastically increase the risk of skin cancer if you approach it wisely.

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